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Keyboard layouts with support for Slovenian, Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian letters


Installation Instructions

1. Select one of United States, United States International or United Kingdom keyboard layouts and download the ZIP file at the bottom of the page. Then unzip the archive and run setup.exe as an administrator. Wait a few moments for the setup process to complete.

2. Go to Control Panel | Region and Language.
Windows Vista and Windows 7: Select 'Keyboard and Languages' tab and click 'Change keyboards...' button.
Windows XP:  Select ‘Languages’ tab and click ‘Details…’ button.

Alternatively (for all Windows versions), you can also right click "EN" in the language bar and then select "Settings".

Language bar - English
Language bar

3. Under "Default input language" select the "+ Slovenian" keyboard and click Apply.

4. Now you can remove the non "+ Slovenian" keyboard layout versions, since there are no advantages in retaining them.
Just click on the original keyboard layouts, click "Remove" and then "Apply".

5. Text editing applications in Windows are for the most part aware of the language you type in. If you see "EN" in the Language bar, the typed text will be tagged as English. Since you don't want text in Slovenian to be marked as misspelled English, you would probably want to add Slovenian language.

In the same dialog box click "Add" to add input language. Select "Slovenian (Slovenia)", "Keyboard", "Show More...". Select "+ Slovenian" keyboard layout, then click "Apply".

You can do the same for Croatian, Bosnian (Latin) and Serbian (Latin) languages, since "+ Slovenian" keyboard layout also supports Ć and Đ letters present in those languages.

6. If you followed the instructions correctly, the end result should look like this:

Text Services and Input Languages - Finished Installation


To quickly switch between the languages, hold Left Alt and then press Left or Right Shift.

Language bar - English Language bar - Slovenian

Custom keyboard Layouts

If you would like keyboard layouts for Windows or Linux made according to your specifications, send us a Free Quote Request or an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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